French AlphabetFrench Alphabet

In this lesson you’ll learn the French alphabet (l’alphabet fran├žais). Actually, you’ll find that it’s quite easy as almost all the letters are the same as English and easy to pronounce. You’ll find that being able to spell words is very useful for learning new vocabulary and spelling your name. Please pay close attention to the “R” as it’s difficult to pronounce. Also, please note the differences between the letters “G” and “J” as they can cause a lot of confusion for English speakers as their pronunciation is the opposite in French. This is an audio lesson. Click on any letter and listen to the pronunciation. On the following pages you’ll find explanations of the French accents and get the chance to practice spelling several common French fist names aloud.

A ah B Bay C Say
D Day E Euh F Ehf
G Zheh H Ahsh I yee
J Zhee K Kah L Ell
M Ehm N Ehn O Oh
P Peh Q Koo R Ehr
S Ehs T Tay U Euw
V Vay W Doo-blah-vay X eeks
Y Ee-grehk Z Zayd

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