French AlphabetIn this lesson you’ll learn how to pronounce the letters of the French alphabet. This is a real lesson taught over Skype to my student, Ben. Listen and repeat as I teach him the letters. Pause the video and go back to practice more. Towards the end there are a bunch of practice words.

You can download the PDF of this lesson here: French Alphabet PDF.

French Alphabet & Accents

A a
B bé
C cé
D dé
E e
F eff
G gé
H hache
I i
J ji
K ka
L elle
M emme
N enne
O o
P pé
Q Ku
R erre
S esse
T té
U u
V vé
W double vé
X ixe
Y I grec
Z zed


1) l’accent aigu: é. Causes an e to have an “AY” sound as in café.
2) l’accent grave: è. Makes it so you stretch the sound out a bit. Père (father)
3) l’accent circonflexe: ê. The little hat accent. L’hôtel.
4) le tréma. ë. The two-dot accent. Makes it so you pronounce both vowels. Noël.
5)  la cédille. Turns the letter “c” into an “s” sound. Français


I’ll ask you to spell the following French words.
A: Est-ce que tu peux épeler ____ s’il te plait? Can you spell ___ please?
B: Oui, je peux épeler ___. Yes, I can spell ____.

Yves St Laurent
Au revoir
Parler (to speak)
Manger (to eat)
Aimer (to like or love)

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