aller-examplesOn this page you’ll find a verb conjugation table for the French verb aller, meaning “to go”. This is an extremely important irregular verb to learn in French as it’s used very often. You’ll find all the important tenses below including the present, imperfect, past tense (passé composé) and subjunctive. Click on any of the blue French words and listen to the audio.

To learn more about the verb “aller” I strongly suggest looking at Lesson 3 of Frenchtoday’s A Moi Paris 1 course. There you’ll find more explanations as well practice sentences and exercises.

je vais I go
tu vas you go
il va he goes
nous allons we go
vous allez you go
ils vont they go
je suis allé I went
tu es allé you went
il est allé he went
nous sommes allés we went
vous êtes allés you went
ils sont allés they went
j'allais I used to go
tu allais you used to go
il allait he used to go
nous allions we used to go
vous alliez you used to go
ils allaient they used to go
j'irais I would go
tu irais you would go
il irait he would go
nous irions we would go
vous iriez you would go
ils iraient they would go
j'irai I will go
tu iras you will go
il ira he will go
nous irons we will go
vous irez you will go
ils iront they will go
que j'aille that I go
que tu ailles that you go
qu'il aille that he go
que nous allions that we go
que vous alliez that you go
qu'ils aillent that they go

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