Devoir – Must

Devoir Conjugation


In this video tutorial lesson you will learn how to conjugate the irregular French verb, “Devoir” in French. This word has many meanings and the language and it is quite important to learn. The first meaning of the verb Devoir is must.

For example, “Je dois retourner en France cette semaine.” That means, “I must return to France this week.” Another meaning of the verb is to owe, in terms of having to give something back to somebody else. In this situation Devoir becomes a reflexive verb. For example to say, “He owes me fifty Euros”, you would say, “Il me doit cinquante Euros.”

Devoir = Must/Have To/To Owe

devoir – must/have to
je dois
tu dois
il/elle/on doit
nous devons
vous devez
ils/elles doivent

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