French Regular ER Verbs

French Regular ER Verbs

When learning French verbs the first verb form you’ll need to master is “Regular Er Verbs“. These verbs are called “regular” because all of the verb forms or “endings” follow the same pattern. Learn this group first is beneficial as it’ll train your mind for learning the next to major groups: Regular IR Verbs and Regular RE Verbs. Verbs under the regular ER group are the easiest to conjugate and take the least time to learn! Regular ER verbs are verbs that end in ER in the infinitive (or mother) form (meaning ‘to love’ rather than ‘love’. My example here is ‘aimer’, to love. In the table below you’ll find the following forms: Present, Past, Imperfect, Conditional, Future & Subjunctive. NOTE: You can click on any of the blue “linked” words and listen to the audio and practice your pronunciation!

French Regular ER Verbs
j'aime I love
tu aimes you love
il aime he loves
nous aimons we love
vous aimez you love
ils aiment they love
j'ai aimé I loved
tu as aimé you loved
il a aimé he loved
nous avons aimé we loved
vous avez aimé they loved
ils ont aimé they love
j'aimais I used to love
tu aimais you used to love
il aimait he used to love
nous aimions we used to love
vous aimiez you used to love
ils aimaient they used to love
j'aimerais I would love
tu aimerais you would love
il aimerait he would love
nous aimerions we would love
vous aimeriez you would love
ils aimeraient they would love
j'aimerai I will love
tu aimeras you will love
il aimera he will love
nous aimerons we will love
vous aimerez you will love
ils aimeront they will love
que j'aime that I love
que tu aimes that you love
qu'il aime that he love
que nous aimions that we love
que vous aimiez that you love
qu'ils aiment that they love

Here is a list of common regular ER verbs that you will hear in everyday language. They’re all conjugated the same as aimer.

adorer to adore chanter to sing commencer to start/begin
demander to ask for dépenser to spend détesterto hate
écouter to listen étudier to study fermer to close
habiter to live jouer to play laver to wash
montrer to show nager to swim parler to speak/talk
penser to think porter to wear/carry présenter to introduce
rencontrer to meet rester to stay rêver to dream
skier to ski téléphoner to call/telephone travailler to work
chanter to sing visiter to visit voler to fly/steel
danser to dance donner to give goûter to taste
manger to eat passer to pass/spend time regarder to watch/look at
sembler to seem trouver to find

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