Se Rendre Compte – To Realize

Se Rendre Compte – To Realize

In this video tutorial you’ll learn how to say to realize in French: Se rendre compte. In the table below you’ll see the conjugation in the present tense.

je me rends compte – I realize
tu te rends compte – You realize (singular, familiar)
il/elle/on se rend compte – He/she/one realizes
nous nous rendons compte – We realize
vous vous rendez compte – You realize (plural, formal)
ils/elles se rendent compte – They realize

Next you can read through the practice sentences from the movie. You’ll see that ‘se rendre compte’ is always followed by “que”, which means that. Also, please note that you must conjugate the past tense with être as this is a reflexive verb.

Est-ce que tu te rends compte que tu n’as plus d’argent?
Do you realize that you’re out of money?

Je me rends compte que nous sommes presque là.
I realize we are almost there.

Je me suis rendu compte que j’étais en retard.
She realized she was late.

Maintenent tu te rends compte que les verbes français ne sont pas faciles.
Now you realize that French verbs are not easy.

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