French Architecture Terms

On this page you will find a complete list of French vocabulary words for architecture styles and building types. The good news is that almost all of the words associated with architecture (l’architecture) are the same in English and French or very similar. This is because a lot of the words in English were borrowed from French before and during the Renaissance period. When sightseeing in France you might find some of these terms useful. Below we’ve included links to useful travel and tourism phrases.

gothique gothic baroque baroque Renaissance Renaissance
rococo rococo néoclassique neoclassic art nouveau art nouveau
art déco art deco
le frontation pediment la frise frieze
l’arc arch le chœur choir l’architrave architrave
le fleuron finial la colonne pillar la corniche cornice
la tour tower le pignon gable la flèche spire
la tourelle turret la douve moat le dôme dome
la cathédrale cathedrale le gratte-ciel sky-scraper le bâtiment building
le château chateau/castle l’église church la mosquée mosque
le temple temple la synagogue synagogue le pont bridge

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