French Astronomy Words

In this lesson you will learn a list of French astronomy vocabulary words as well as how to say the planets in our solar system. The great thing that makes these terms easy is that they almost all are very similar to English. This is especially true for the names of the plants. The reason that astronomy terms in both English and French are derived from Latin and Greek. NOTE: The words in the table below are all audio files. Click on any of the blue French words, listen, repeat and practice your pronunciation. French Astronomy Vocabulary

Vocab List

l’astronomie astronomyl’espace (m) space

l’étoile (f) star

l’astre (m) star

l’astronome (m&f) astronomer

l’astronaute (m&f) astronaut

le vaisseau spatial spaceship

l’univers (m) universe

la galaxie galaxy

Mercure Mercury

Vénus Venusle système solaire solar system

la constellation constellation

la planète planet

Terre Earth

Mars Mars

Jupiter Jupiter

Saturne Saturne

Uranus Uranus

Neptune Neptune

Pluton Plutola comète comet

le météore meteor

la météorite meteorite

l’astéroïde (m) asteroid

la nébuleuse nebula

la lune moon

le soleil sun

le télescope telescope

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