French Baseball Vocabulary

Here you will find a useful French baseball vocabulary words list. In France the game is not very popular compared to other sports such as soccer (football) and basketball. However, baseball is a popular sport in Quebec (French-speaking Canada) where teams compete nationally and in the United States. In the list below you’ll find that while many of the words are taken directly from English many of them are completely different and require more study time.

le base-ball baseball la batte bat le gant mitt/glove
le batteur batter le mont du lanceur pitcher’s mound l’homme de base baseman
l’équipe team le banc de touche dugout la ligne de pénalité foul line
le champ droit right field le champ extérieur outfield le champ intérieur infield
le champ gauche left field le casque helmet le receveur catcher
le lanceur pitcher lancer to throw attraper to catch
courir to run être en défense to field (the ball) glisser to slide
batter to bat/go to bat l’arbitre umpire jouer to play
le tour de batte inning première base first base deuxième base second base
troisième base third base le home run home run le strike strike
mettre hors jeu out le grand chelem grand slam le terrain de base-ball baseball diamond

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