French Basketball Vocabulary

While basketball is in American sport it is also very popular in France. In France the game has been played for over 100 years and is administered by the Fédération française de basket-ball (French Federation of Basketball) and is played under the Ligue nationale de basket-ball (National Basketball League. Here you will find a complete French basketball vocabulary word list.

le panier basket le filet net l’anneau hoop
le ballon ball le panneau backboard le numéro number
la ligne de trois points 3-point line la ligne de centre center line le terrain court
la ligne de bout endline la ligne de lancer franc free-throw line le cercle central center circle
l’arbitre referee la ligne de touche sideline lancer to throw
attrapper to catch tirer to shoot sauter to jump
marquer to mark bloquer to block faire rebondir to bounce/dribble
faire un dunk to dunk the ball la passe pass la rentrée throw-in
la faute foul l’entre-deux jump ball le rebond rebound
hors jeux out of bounds le joueur player le basket basket ball

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