French Beauty Vocabulary

On this page you will find a complete list of French beauty and make-up terms. France is one of the world leaders in the beauty, cosmetic and fashion industries. If you are one of the thousands of people traveling to France every year to take part in these industries then you’ll definitely find these words very useful. Note that while some of the words here are borrowed from English most of them are totally different and require more study time.

les soins de beauté beauty treatments
le masque de beauté face pack
le lit UV sunbed/tanning bed
le soin du visage facial exfolier to exfoliate
la pédicure pedicure
l’épilation wax la manicure manicure
le vernis à ongles nail varnish/polish
le dissolvant nail polish remover
la lime à ongles nail file
les ciseaux à ongles nail scissors
le coupe-ongles nail clipper
les accessoires de toilette toiletries
le parfum perfume
l’eau de toilette eau de toilette
l’autobronzage self-tanning cream
le tonique toner
la crème hydratante moisturizer le démaquillant cleanser le maquillage make-up
le teinture de cheveux hair dye
le crayon à sourcils eyebrow pencil
la pince à épiler tweezers
la brosse à sourcils eyebrow brush
le pinceau à lèvres lip brush
le brillant à lèvres lip gloss
le crayon à lèvres lip liner
le pinceau brush le correcteur concealer
le miroir mirror la poudre face powder
la houppette powder puff
le rouge à lèvres lipstick le fond de teint foundation le fard à joues blush
l’eye-liner eyeliner le mascara mascara le fard à paupières eye shadow
le teint complexion foncé dark sec dry
sensible sensitive hypoallergénique hypoallergenic le ton shade
le bronzage tan antirides anti-wrinkle les boules de coton cotton balls

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