French Business Vocabulary

On this page you will find a list of French business vocabulary words. Doing business in a foreign language can be tricky as you’ll have to navigate your way through lots of new and complicated jargon. The good news is that these words are not too difficult in French as many of our English business words come from French. For example, the word for “entrepreneur” in French is, “l’entrepreneur”.

les affaires business l’homme d’affaires businessman
la femme d’affaires business woman
le voyage daffaires business trip le déjeuner d’affaires business lunch
le client client
le contrat business deals
le directeur général managing director
le chef boss
le rendez-vous meeting l’ordinateur de poche handheld computer
le portable laptop
les notes notes la société company le personnel staff/employees
le siège social head office
la succursale branch le salaire salary
le livre de paie payroll le service marketing marketing department
les services de vente sales department
la comptabilité accounting department
le service de contentieux legal department
le service de ressources humaines human resources department
la gestion/direction management les honoraires fees un entretien interview
la formation training le poste post/job l’acheteur buyer
le vendeur seller l’associé partner le bail lease/rental contract
le bénéfice profit les biens assets brut gross
le chiffre d’affaire sales/turnover le chef d’entreprise boss of the company
le concurrent competitor
la compte account la direction management l’entrepreneur entrepreneur
l’étude de marché market study
faire faillite to go bankrupt
les frais fees
la gérance management la gestion management l’impôt tax
la liquidation liquidation la location rental le main-d’oeuvre workforce
le paiement payment la perte loss la société anonyme limited company

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