French Clothing Vocabulary

In this lesson you will learn the words for different kinds of clothing (les vêtements) in French. For a more complete list of French clothing related vocabulary, verbs and shopping words I strongly recommend looking at Lesson 4 of’s online course À Moi Paris 2. You’ll see that online teacher Camille really does cover this subject in a very comprehensive way.

As you read down the vocabulary list you will see that a lot of the words are very similar to English as they are borrowed from a language. You’ll see that the words for jeans, shorts, jeans, and T-shirt are all borrow words. However, many words are unique to the French language and you must memorize them. You will also notice some words that are taken from English but are not the words we would say. These are called “faux amis” in French. Such words include pull for sweater, robe for dress, and costume for men’s suit and tennis for sneakers or trainers. At the bottom of the page we’ve included several useful resources including flashcards, a game (quiz) and worksheet for teachers.

Vocabulary List

la chemise shirtle pantalon pants/trousers
le tee-shirt t-shirtle jean jeans
le manteau coatle haut top
le pull sweaterle short shorts
le pyjama pajamasle chemisier blouse
la robe dressla jupe skirt
la minijupe miniskirtl'imperméable raincoat
le blouson jacketl'anorak (m) ski jacket
le survêtement tracksuitla veste jacket
le maillot (de bain) bathing suitle soutien-gorge bra
la combinaison sliple jupon half slip
les bas (m) stockingsle collant pantyhose/tights
la chemise de nuit nightgownle bikini bikini
le costume suitle smoking tuxedo
la cravate tiele nœud papillon bow tie
la ceinture beltle maillot de corps undershirt
le boxer-short boxer shortsle caleçon underwear
les tennis (m) sneakers/trainersles bottes (f) boots
les sandales (f) sandalsles chaussettes (f) socks

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