French Colors

We live in a world of colors and in learning French it will be very beneficial to learn these words. Whether you are describing things that you like or the colors in nature you will find these words to be very useful. In French “color words” are adjectives and must agree in gender with the noun that they’re describing.

To get a good grasp of how these words work I strongly suggest’s audio course: Describe This! Mastering French Adjectives. You’ll see that Teacher Camille does an amazing job thoroughly explaining these words and their tricky agreements.

blanc whitebleu blue
bleu clair light bluebleu foncé dark blue
multicolore muli-coloredrose pink
gris greyrouge red
vert greenmarron brown
noir blackviolet purple
argenté silverbeige beige
jaune yellowturquoise turquoise
orange orangedoré golden
bordeaux maroon

French Colors

Gender: Masculine and Feminine For French Colors

One thing that I did not mention in the lesson is that colors are actually adjectives and in French you need to change the adjective to masculine, feminine, masculine plural and feminin plural forms depending on the noun that it’s describing. For example, if you want to say a white house you would say, “Une maison blanche”. Blanche is the feminine singular form of white. If you want to say “white houses” you must say, “Des maisons blanches”. That is the feminine plural form of white.

In the table below you will see all the colors mentioned in this video as well as their masculine, singular and plural forms. If this causes confusion please let me know in the comments section below and I will make a video exploring this topic.

Masculine Singular Feminine Singular Masculine Plural Feminine Plural
blue bleu bleue bleus bleues
purple violet violette violets violettes
yellow jaune jaune jaunes jaunes
green vert verte verts vertes
red rouge rouge rouges rouges
orange orange orange oranges orange
white blanc blanche blancs blanches
black noir noire noirs noires
grey gris grise gris grises
pink rose rose roses roses
brown marron marron marron marron
light blue bleu clair bleu claire bleu claires bleu claires
dark blue bleu foncé bleu foncée bleu foncés bleu foncéees

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