French Desserts Vocabulary

If you travel to France or to any French-speaking country you will quickly find out that the French take great pride in their desserts. Sweets are usually served after a several-course meal and come out just after the cheeses. Common deserts include various pies, cakes and custards. Here you can learn how to say several popular desserts. NOTE: This is an audio lesson. Click on any of the French words, listen, repeat and practice your pronunciation.

Vocabulary List

la tarte piela tarte aux pommes apple pie
la tarte au sucre sugar piele gâteau cake
le gâteau aux carottes carrot cakele gâteau aux pommes apple cake
le gâteau au fromage cheesecakele gâteau au citron lemon cake
la bûche de Noël Christmas cakele gâteau au chocolat chocolate cake
les bonbons candyla mousse au chocolat chocolate mousse
les biscuits cookiesles crêpes crepes
la crème anglaise custardla salade aux fruits fruit salad
la crême glacée ice creamla gelatine jello
le flan flanles choux à la crème cream puffs
la madeleine small cake-like cookiela brioche sweet bun
les croissants au beurre butter croissantsles muffins muffins
les gaufres wafflesles desserts français French desserts

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