French Driving Vocabulary

Here you’ll find a complete list of French vocabulary words for the roads and driving. In addition, towards the bottom of the list you’ll see some basic words for road signs. In the French language most words having to do with roadways and driving are quite different from English and therefore take some time to master. These words are especially useful if you plan on taking a trip in the car in France.

les routes roads l’autoroute motorway/highway la circulation traffic
l’autopont flyover/overpass l’accotement stabilisé hard shoulder
le passage inféreiur underpass
le terre-plein central reservation/island
le camion lorry/truck les feux traffic light
le feu rouge red light
le feu vert green light
le carrefour junction/intersection
à sens unique one-way la bretelle d’accès slip road/interchange
les signalisations road markings
le poste de pétage toll booth
l’agent de la circulation traffic policeman
la carte map
le parc-mètre parking meter
le passage clouté pedestrian crossing
le téléphone de secours emergency phone
le parking réservé aux personnes handicapées disabled parking
l’embouteillage traffic jam
le rond-point roundabout/traffic circle
la déviation diversion les travaux roadwork garer to park
doubler to overtake/to pass
conduire to drive
faire marche arrière to reverse
remorquer to tow away
sens interdit no entry
interdit à tourner a droite no right turn
arrêt interdit no stoppin
danger hazard la limitation de vitesse speed limit

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