Fish And Seasfood

French Fish & Seafood Vocabulary

Here you will find a complete vocabulary list for French fish and seafood words. If you are traveling in France and want to cook fish/seafood or want to order a related dish in a restaurant then it will be important to know these words. French people are big lovers of seafood with popular dishes including lots of shrimp and fresh oysters. Please note that these fish/seafood words are generally not related to English and thus demand some extra time for learning.

le poisson fish le thon tuna le saumon salmon
la morue cod la lotte monkfish la maquereau mackerel
la truite trout l’espadon swordfish la sole sole
la limande-sole lemon sole le merlan whiting l’aiglefin haddock
la raie skate la sardine sardine le bar sea bass
la daurade sea bream le flétin halibut les fruits de mer seafood
la coquille Saint-Jacques scallop le crabe crab l’écrevisse crayfish
l’homard lobster la crevette prawn/shrimp la moule mussel
l’huître oyster le couteau razor-shell la coque cockle
la pieuvre ocopus la seiche cuttlefish le calmar squid
le clam clam la glace ice surgelé frozen
fumé smoked sans peau skinned préparé cleaned
salé salted frais fresh écaillé descaled
sans arêtes boned la longe loin la tranche steak
le filet fillet en filets filleted la queue tail
l’arête bone l’écaille

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