French Football Vocabulary

If you travel to France or any French-speaking country around the world you will fast realize that football (or soccer) is one of the leading national sports. It is played by kids of all ages and is by far the most popular professional sport. In 2006 France was the runner up to the world champion in the FIFA World Cup. Below you’ll find useful vocabulary for football/soccer in French. Note that while some of the words are taken directly from English, most of them are original French words and will therefore take some time to learn.

le ballon football/soccer ball l’avant forward l’arbitre referee
le cercle central central circle le gardien de but goalkeeper la tenue football strip/shin guard
le joueur de foot soccer player le poteau goalpost le filet net
la barre traversale crossbar le but goal le terrain football pitch/soccer field
dribbler to dribble faire une tête head the ball le mur wall
le coup franc free kick la surface de réparation penalty area la ligne de but goal line
le défenseur defender le drapeau de coin corner flag la rentrée en touche throw-in
botter to kick faire une passe to pass (the ball) shooter to shoot (the ball)
sauver to save (the ball) tacler to tackle la stade stadium
la faute foul la carton jaune yellow card le championnat league
la prolongation extra time marquer un but score a goal le corner corner
l’hors jeu off-side l’égalité draw/tie la remplaçant substitute
le penalty penalty le carton rouge red card l’expulsion send off
la mi-temps half time le remplacement substitution

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