French Furniture Vocabulary

In this lesson you’ll learn the vocabulary words for different kinds of furniture (les meubles) that you can find in your house in French. These include the bed, chair, table, desk and much more. Pay close attention to the gender (masculine vs. feminine) of each noun (I’ve put the feminine nouns on the left and the masculine nouns on the right). NOTE: This is an audio lesson. Click on any of the French words, listen and repeat.

une table a tableun siège a seat
une chaise a chairun tabouret a stool
une bibliothèque a bookcaseun placard a cupboard
une table basse a coffee tableun tiroir a drawer
une cheminée a fireplaceun fauteuil a armchair
une table de chevet a bedside tableun lit a bed
une étagère a shelfun bureau a desk
une armoire a wardrobeun miroir a mrror
une commode a dresserun meuble a piece of furniture
une moquette a carpetun oreiller a pillow
un rideau a curtain

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