French Haircut Vocabulary

Getting a haircut in a French-speaking country can be very frustrating when you don’t know the right vocabulary word when talking to the hairdresser. In this lesson you’ll learn lots of useful vocabulary words for getting a haircut in French. Towards the bottom of the lesson you’ll specially learn commands you can give to your hairdresser or barber including “please cut here” and “not too short” and “a little shorter”.  NOTE: This is an audio lesson. Click on any of the French words, listen and repeat.

Vocabulary List

aller chez le coiffeur to go to the hairdresser’s

le salon de coiffure hairdressing salon

un coiffeur pour hommes barber

un coiffure cheveux hairstyle/hairdo

le coiffeur hairdresser (masculine)

la coiffeuse hairdresser (feminine)

couper les cheveux to cut hair

une coupe de cheveux haircut

les franges fringes (UK), bangs (US)

laver les cheveux to wash hair

une permanente a perm

les soins capillaires haircare

un peigne à cheveux comb

les ciseaux de coiffure scissors

le fer à friser curling iron

le sèche-cheveux hairdrier (UK) blow-dryer (US)

la coloration des cheveux hair coloring

le shampooing shampooing

couper ici, s’il vous plaît please cut here

pas trop court not too short

un peu plus court a little shorter

très court very short

c’est parfait it’s perfect!

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