French Hobbies Vocabulary

Do you have a favorite hobby or past time which you’d like to talk about in French? In this lesson you will learn how to say different kinds of hobbies. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of hobbies in which people like to engage. Here we’ve chosen the major or most popular hobbies. If your hobby is not mentioned please let us know in the comments section below! NOTE: This is a video lesson. Please feel free to pause the video at any time, listen and repeat. Below we’ve included several resources including flashcards and a quiz.

Vocabulary List

Je regarde la télé/télévision. I watch TV. Je vais au théâtre. I go to the theater.
Je lis des romans. I read novels. Je vais à la pêche. I go fishing.
Je fais de la lecture. I read. Je joue à l’ordinateur. I play on the computer.
Je fais du cyclisme/vélo. I ride a bike. Je fais du jardinage. I do gardening.
Je joue aux échecs. I play chess. Je fais du shopping. I go shopping.
J’écoute de la musique. I listen to music. Je fais de la photographie. I do photography.
Je fais la cuisine. I cook. Je fais du dessin. I draw.
Je vais au cinéma. I go to the movies. J’étudie le français. I study French.
Je fais de la dance. I dance.

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