French Jewelery Vocabulary

French Jewelery VocabularyIn this lesson you will learn how to say different kinds of jewelry (les bijoux) in French, including rings (une bague), necklaces (un collier) and bracelets (un bracelet). Please pay close attention to the gender as some of the nouns use the masculine form while others use the feminine form. NOTE: This is an audio lesson. Click on any of the French words below, listen and repeat.

les bijoux jeweleryune bague ring
un anneau ringune bague de fiançailles engagement ring
une alliance wedding ringun collier necklace
une montre watchune boucle d'oreille earring
un pendentif pendantune broche brooch
une épingle pinun bracelet bracelet
un bouton de manchette cufflinkun fixe-cravate tie-clip
l'or goldl'argent silver
un diamant diamondl'or blanc white gold
l'or jaune yellow goldl'or rose pink gold
plaqué or gold-platedplaqué argent silver-plated
l'acier steel

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