Measurement Words

French Measurement Vocabulary

In this lesson you will learn several useful measurement words in French. The French use the metric system which can be a bit tricky to learn for Americans and English speakers. However, it becomes very easy once you get used to it! The easy part about learning the words is that they’re very similar to English. Furthermore, most of the muse the masculine gender (le). Also, the French translations for words in English imperial measurement system are almost all the same in French (except for the word for inch, which is ‘le pouce’).

Vocabulary List

le poids weightmesurer (v) to measure
la superficie areale pied carré square foot
le metre carré square meterla distance distance
le kilomètre kilometerle mile mile
la livre poundl'once ounce
le kilogramme kilogramle gramme gram
le yard yardle mètre meter
la tonne tonle milligramme milligram
le pied footle millimètre millimeter
le centimètre centimeterle pouce inch
la longeur lengthla capacité capacity
le litre literle gallon gallon

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