Months of the Year

French Months of the Year

French Months
In this video tutorial lesson you will learn how to say the months of the year (les mois de l’année) in French.

The good thing about French is that the months are very similar to English with just a few exceptions. The last four months, September, October, November and December are extremely easy as all you need to do is change the ER to RE at the end. To say the months of the year say “Les mois de l’année”.

In the video I will go through the months one by one pronouncing them very slowly. Towards the second half of the movie you can take a quick quiz. I will say that month in English and you can fill in the blank. I provide the first and last letter of each month. Good luck!

I left this out of the video but I thought it would be important to share. If you want to say “In + a month” in French the grammatical construction is “Au mois de _____.” in the blank you fill in the month. The literal translation for this radical structure is “In the month of ____”. for example, if you want to say “I was born in January” you would say, “Je suis né(e)au mois de janvier. Finally, please note that when writing the months of the year in French you do not need to capitalize the first letter like you do in English.

French months

janvier = January
février = February
mars = March
avril = April
mai = May
juin = June
juillet = July
août = August
septembre = September
octobre = October
novembre = November
décembre = December

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