French Music Vocabulary

If you’re a music lover you’ll love this lesson as you’ll learn several vocabulary words pertaining to music. We’ll cover different kinds of music such as rock, classic and jazz as well as words such as concert and musician. NOTE: This is an audio lesson. Click on any of the French words, listen and repeat.

Vocabulary List

la musique musicécouter la musique to listen to music
les genres de musique types of musicj'écoute la musique I listen to music
la musique rock rock musicla musique classique classical music
la musique romantique romantic musicla musique jazz jazz music
la musique contemporaine contemporary musicécouter la radio to listen to the radio
une chanson a songune chanson d'amour a love song
une vieille chanson an old songchanter to sing
jouer de la musique to play musicles hits du moment top hits
un concert a concertles instruments de musique musical instruments
un musicien un musicienune musicienne une musicienne

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