French Restaurant Vocabulary

In this lesson you will learn some useful French vocabulary words and expressions that you can use in a restaurant while visiting France. In the first part of the lesson you will learn some useful words that you can use with French people in the restaurant. In the second half of the video you will learn some useful expressions.

le garçon the watierla serveuse the waitress
bon appétit enjoy your mealune réservation reservation
la carte menules spécialités specialities
le pourboire tip/gratuityl’addition bill
le menu set menuvoilà! here you go/here it is!
les ingrédients ingredientsle service the service
une boisson beveragele repas meal
le verreglassle plat dish
brûlé burntfroid cold
épicé spicyla soupe soup
les entrées entreesla salade salad
le plat principal main dishle dessert dessert
l’apéritif aperatif

Useful Expressions

c’est délicieux it’s deliciousc’est dégueulasse it’s disgusting
je t’invite my treat (said to a friend)je vous invite my treat (polite form)
est-ce que je peux voir la carte s’il vous plaît? Can I see the menu, please?Je prendrai la même chose. I’ll have the same thing.
Mes compliments au chef! My compliments to the chef!L’addition, s’il vous plaît. The bill, please.
Je n’ai plus faim. I’m full.C’est gratuit? Is it on the house?

If you take a trip to France you will rapidly discover that cuisine is a major part of the culture. Indeed, the French people pride themselves in their cooking and really do offer some amazing dishes. Hence, it would be a really good idea to learn basic vocabulary and phrases that you can use in restaurants.

Please pay close attention to the word menu. In French, menu actually means a set menu. This is where you would order a meal including an appetizer, main dish soup, dessert, cheese and beverage for one set price. To say menu as in the English sense you would say, “la carte”.

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