French Seasons Vocabulary

In this lesson you will learn how to say the seasons in French. One of the nicest things about France is that it’s a country that enjoys all four seasons of the year with each one offering something different. Summers in France can be quite hot while winters can range from rainy along the coast lines to cold and snowy in the mountainous regions.

Vocabulary List


en été
in the summer

En été j'aime aller à la plage
In the summer I like to go to the beach.
in autumn

en automne
in the summer

En autumne il commence à faire frais.
In autumn the weather starts to be cool.

en hiver
in winter

En hiver j'aime faire du ski.
I like to ski during the winter.
le printemps

au printemps
in spring

Au printemps il pleut souvent.
In the spring it rains often.

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