French Shopping Vocabulary

In this lesson you will learn a list of French vocabulary words for shopping. If you go to a store in France it can be very frustrating to ask for the location of an item when you don’t know how. Here you’ll learn essential words including, “Where is the…?” and “I’m looking for…”.

Où est-ce qu’il y a…?
Oo esk-k-eel yee a…?
Where is…?

Un supermarché?
Uhn soo-pair mar-shay?
A supermarket

Un grand magasin?
Uhn grahn-magah-zihn
A department store

Faire le shopping
Fair leh shoh-ping
To go shopping

C’est combien
Say kom-byun
How much is it?

Je voudrais acheter…
Zhuh voo-dray ash-tay
I want to buy…

Je cherche…
Zhuh Sh-ersh
I’m looking for…

Une carte de crédit
Ehn kart duh cray-dee
A credit card

Une carte de débit
Ehn kart de day-beat
Debit card

Des chèques de voyage
day shek duh voay-yage
Travelers checks

C’est trop cher
Say troh shayr
It’s too expensive

Mois cher
Mwun chayr



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