Weather Expressions

In this recorded Skype lesson you will learn how to say the words for different kinds of weather in French (le temps/la météo). In addition to this lesson I also strongly suggest looking at Lesson 12 of’s audio French course, À Moi Paris 2. You’ll see that online teacher Camille offers a ton of weather words as well as related verbs.

If you go to France or any French-speaking countries then you’ll find learning weather words to be very helpful for planning your trip. Understanding these words will also help you to be able to follow the weather forecast on the news. France has a wide variety of climates with lots of rain in the northern part of the country, mild weather in the South and lots of snow in the Alps during the winter.

In this lesson below you will see that to describe the weather sometimes you say “il fait” and then the kind of weather. However in some situations you simply say “il” (it’s) then the verb, such as “il pleut” or it’s raining. I’ve also provided some basic nouns such as thunder (le tonerre) and and lightning (l’éclair). Lastly, I’ve provided some slang.

quel temps fait t-il how is the weather?la météo the weather
le temps the weatherla prévision météo the weather forecast
le climat the climatla température the temperature
il fait chaud it’s hot outil fait froid it’s cold out
il fait frais it’s cool outil fait beau it’s nice out
il fait mauvais it’s bad weatheril fait humide it’s humid out
il fait du vent it’s windy outil fait du soleil it’s sunny out
il fait du brouillard it’s foggy outil fait nuageux it’s cloudy out
il fait orageux it’s stormy outil pleut it’s raining
il pleut à verse it’s pouringil neige it’s snowing
il gèle it’s freezingle tonnerre the thunder
l’éclair the lightningla grêle the hail
le soleil the sunle nuage the cloud
la pluie the rainla glace the ice
la tempête the stormla tempête de neige the blizzard
l'ouragan the hurricanele cyclone tropical tropical cyclone/typhoon
un temps de chien horrible weather (slang)ça caille it’s very cold (slang)

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