French adjectives singular to plural

adjectifs français singulier et pluriel

basic agreement

All French adjectives must agree with the noun they modify in gender and number. The majority of French adjectives are written in the plural by simply adding an -s to either than masculine or feminine form. That said, there are some specific rules for some groups of masculine adjectives. 

  • grand -> grands tall
  • petite- -> petites short
  • rouge -> rouges red
  • agréable -> agréables nice, pleasant
  • haut -> hauts -> high
  • amusant -> amusants fun
  • intelligent -> intelligents smart
  • raffiné -> raffinés sophisticated

-s / -x adjectives

When masculine adjectives end in -s or -x they don’t change in the plural from.

  • un garçon français -> des garçons français a French boy, French boys
  • un travail ennuyeux -> des travaux ennuyeux a boring job, boring jobs
  • un homme courageux -> des hommes courageux a brave, brave men
  • un gros camion -> des gros camions a big truck, big trucks
  • un fromage gras -> des fromages gras a fatty cheese, fatty cheeses

-al / -aux forms

Masculine adjectives ending in -al in the singular end in -aux in the plural.

  • un homme génial -> des hommes homme géniaux a great man, great men
  • un problème social -> des problèmes sociaux a social problem, social problems

-eau/-x forms

Masculine adjectives ending in -eau take an -x in the plural form.

  • un beau paysage -> de beaux paysages a beautiful landscape, beautiful landscapes
  • un nouveau camion -> de nouveaux camions a new truck, new trucks

Plural of nouns and adjectives in French

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