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Learn French In Boston

Learn French In Boston

If you live in the Boston area or will be spending some times in Massachusetts and want to study French then you will have several options. Here’s a list of the top schools where you can find classes and courses to learn French in Boston.

The Language Trainers

The centre offers in-depth language training for French students and learners. There are various French courses you could take in Boston including the one on one business course for improvement in French skills contextualized in a corporate or business environment. There are also 2 to 1 small group or closed group courses with less than eight students for the course and the one to one or individual courses.

Address: 21 O’ Connors Lane Old Tappan, NJ 07675
Telephone: 1-866-85-54646

Listen & Learn

Native speaking, qualified and accredited French tutors provide the best education and learning skills from this centre. There are various French courses offered for student’s convenience but with quality output. Courses include French 1 to 1 General, French 1 to 1 Business and French group lessons. There are also one to one classes and programs as well as evening courses especially for professionals and corporate employees.

Address: 329 Hudson Avenue – Township of Washington, NJ 07676
Telephone: 1-877-566-9299

Cactus Language – Boston

Teach and learn French based on your language skills and levels from level one to three. You could go for group courses to hone your speaking and conversational skills or one to one or individual classes for customized learning. Course summary provided includes small classes, lively course format including course video, audio and other materials. There are higher skill levels from four to seven with business French and evening courses available.

Address: Boston LSI School Boston, MA 02111
Telephone: +1 212 601 9343

The Boston Language Institute

French language programs for this school start from French level 1, level 2 up to level 5 all divided with different lessons and sessions. Courses are inclusive of basic grammar, vocabulary, writing and reading. After the fifth level, students are then introduced to conversational French where they have audio and video tapes to hone their listening and speaking skills. Address of their campus is at 648 Beacon Street (Kenmore Square) Boston, MA 02215. You could also contact their admission through email at language AT or call them at 617-262-3500.

Address: 648 Beacon Street (Kenmore Square) Boston, MA 02215
Telephone: 617 262 3500

Ecole Bilingue, French-American International School

French classes are available for different age groups and educational levels. Curriculum for the program vary according to levels including early education, lower school, middle school, upper school and for summer reading and college counseling. There are also outside school or extracurricular activities to help students experience dynamic group discussions in French and so much more.

Address: 45 Matignon Road, Cambridge MA, 02140
Telephone: 617 499 1451

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