where to learn French in New York City – list of schools

If you live in New York City or are planning to spend time there and want to learn French then here’s a list of the leading language schools which you may consider:

ABC Language Exchange

The ABC Language Exchange offers classes for beginners once per week with classes available both during the day and at night at classes lasting for 1.5 hours. The school also offers classes for intermediate students twice per week. Classes are taught by professionally-trained teachers and private lessons are also available.

Contact info:

145 West 30th Street, 9th Floor (Between 6th & 7th Avenues)
410 8th Avenue, 5th Floor
Telephone: (212) 563-7580
Website: www.abclang.com

Cactus Language Courses

Founded in 1998 and based in NYC, Cactus Language Courses is a leading company in language teaching and offers classes in New York. The school prides itself with its professional certified trainers and its face-to-face learning approach. The school offers weekend crash courses, 1-week intensive courses, 5-week fast-track courses and 10-week courses.

Contact info:

Address: 154 Grand Street, New York, NY
Telephone: (888) 577-8451
Website: www.cactuslanguagecourses.com

French Institute Alliance Française

The French Institute Alliance Française is a leader in French language in New York and has been teaching students for over 100 years. The school has the largest private French library in the United States and puts a strong emphasis on cultural learning. The school uses only qualified native French-speaking teachers. Classes are limited to 12 students and the school accepts toddlers, kids and teens as well as and adults.

Contact info:

Address: 22 East 60th St. 3rd Floor
Telephone: 646-388-6612
Website: www.fiaf.org

Rennert International

Rennert International has been teaching foreign languages in New York City for almost 40 years. The school offers both private and group French classes for adults. Classes include group (8 students per class) as well as private and semi-private. The school also offers corporate training courses.

Contact Info:

Address: 216 E. 45th Street, 17th Floor
Telephone: 212-867-8700
Email: languages AT rennert.com
Website: rennert.com

Listen & Learn

Listen & Learn is a global language school and has been offering classes for over 35 years. In NYC, the school offers group classes in beginners and advanced business French with classes of 6-8 students (12 maximum).

Contact Info:

928 Broadway # 1001, New York, NY
(877) 566-9299
Website: www.listenandlearnusa.com

Language Workshop School for Children

The Language Workshop School for Children is a leader in kids language teaching. The school uses a fun and well-researched approach to teaching kids in a fun way with songs, games and visual aids. Classes include immersion preschool, after-school lessons, school vacation classes and summer day camp. Kids of all ages can enroll including babies and toddlers.

Contact Info

Address: 888 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY
Telephone: 1-212-396-1369
Website: languageworkshopforchildren.com

Lepetit Paradis

Lepetit Paradis is a New York-based preschool for learning French. The school uses the Montessori and Bank Street approaches allowing for a fun and creative learning environment. The school accepts kids from 2 years 8 months to five years-old. Parents can enroll their children for morning, afternoon or full-day classes.

Address: 1656 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10128
Telephone: (212) 410-0180
Website: mommypoppins.com/ny-kids/le-petit-paradis

French Schools in New York:

French American School of New York

There are three levels in this school including pre-school, lower and upper school. The preschool level is consists of French classes for nursery, pre-K and Kindergarten. Curriculum for preschool includes art, music, poetry and basic subjects such as Science, Math and English. Lower level includes grades one to five grade with offered subjects such as French History and Geography, mathematics, music and art. Upper level is from grade six to twelfth grade. Curriculum for the level includes subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Contact Info:

85 Palmer Ave. Scarsdale, NY

111 Larchmont Ave. Larchmont, NY

145 New Street Mamaroneck, NY

Website: www.fasny.org

Lycée Français de New York

LFNY adapts the infamous French educational and curriculum system for both primary and secondary levels. The primary school curriculum is inclusive of the Early Childhood Program, Cycle and Preschool Learning, Pre-Kindergarten Immersion Program, Cycle II Primary School, Cycle II Elementary School Learning to Cycle III Primary and Elementary School Learning. For the secondary school learning, curriculum includes English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography, Foreign Language, Music and French and Philosophy. This level is from sixth to 12th grade. This is a single-campus school at the Manhattan Upper East Side.

Contact info:

Address: 505 East 75th Street New York, NY 10021
Telephone: 212-369-1400
Website: www.lfny.org

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