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where to learn French in Toronto – list of schools

where to learn French in Toronto – list of schools

If you live in Toronto, Canada or will be spending some time in Ontario and want to learn French here are some leading language schools in the Toronto metropolitan area which you may consider.

Conversational French Instruction

The school is involved in teaching French language from basic French classes to speaking, French language training and corporate French courses. Beginner courses include not just writing and speaking skills but also learning the French culture. There are also intermediate courses and advanced programs for students with higher skills and knowledge. Corporate French courses are for companies enhancing their employee’s French skills.

Telephone: (905) 713-9232

Hansa Language Centre of Toronto

This multi-lingual school offers a huge variety of French courses and modules with group dynamic activities. Course levels depend in the skills and knowledge of the students from those who have zero knowledge of the language to advanced and expert skills. Each course and module is equipped with audio and video tools as well as other multimedia equipment. Subjects are classified with twelve different levels to suit your potentials and needs.

Address: 51 Eglinton Avenue East Toronto, Ontario M4P 1G7, Canada
Telephone: + 416-487-8643

French Tutoring Centre

The school provides both individual to group classes with varied courses to choose from. Enhance your French language knowledge and speaking skills through different courses including Business French, French Oral Communication, Reading Comprehension, French Literature, Support for Elementary and High School French Classes. Other programs are Support for the French Courses of the Ontario Academic Credit Year and Support for International Baccalaureate French Class.

Address: 1067 Davenport Rd Toronto ON M6G 2C2 / 4889A Dundas St. W (at Islington Ave) ON M9A 1B5
Telephone: (416) 516-9990

ILSC – Canada

ILSC is a language school with various programs for French learners and students. There are different programs and courses available to match your academic goals and interests. Some of the programs offered include academic preparation, evening courses and after hours programs, business English, business English certificates, corporate training, executive business English and French program and basic French classes.

Address: 443 University Avenue 3rd Floor Toronto, Ontario M5G 2H6
Telephone: 416-323-1770
Website: www.ilsc.

Toronto French Montessori School

This co-educational French school is for students from two to 14 years old. The private institute with a nurturing learning environment offers preschool and elementary curriculum such as Mathematics, Music, Culture, Science and French Drama and Language teaching. Elementary Curriculum is inclusive of French, Mathematics, Music Theory, Spanish, English, History, Science, Geography and Fine Arts. This level starts from grades 1 to 8 while preschool is for kindergarten and preschool levels.

Address: Sheppard Campus, 432 Sheppard Ave. East, Toronto, ON. M2N 3B7
Telephone: 416-250-9952

TFS Canada’s International School

Learning the French language in Canada is made easy especially with the right co-ed and bilingual school open for students ranging from 2 years old to university entrance. The program is the source of academic excellence with curriculum for pre-kindergarten to Primary Years Program, Middle Years Program and mandatory IB Diploma Programs. This campus is inclusive of the Jardin d’éveil students aging 2 years old, Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 1, Junior School from Grades 3 to 5 and Senior School for Grade 5 to Level V.

Address: 306 Lawrence Ave. East, Toronto, Ontario M4N 1T7
Telephone: (416) 484 6533

The Giles School L’école Giles

French academic learning is one of the most competitive and high quality educational systems in the world especially in Toronto Canada. The curriculum for this school includes those for Jardin D’Enfants, Pre-Kindergarten, Junior School, Extended French program and Senior School.

Address: 80 Scardale Rd., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Telephone: 1 416-446-0825
Email: info AT

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