French Canadian Ski Commercial

This is a 1980s French-Canadian commercial for Mont Tremblant, a ski area near Montreal. The ad consists of a narrator listing vocabulary related to a ski mountains various departments – ski school, food and beverage, etc. For skiers the video offers some great vintage 80s images.

Commercial Text and translation

  • Ne cherchez pas plus haut. Pourquoi skier les collines quand vous pouvez skier la montagne des Laurentides.
    Don’t look any higher. Why ski on hills when you can ski on the mountain of the Laurentiens.
  • Bénéficiez de l’école de ski la plus influente au pays.
    Enjoy the most influential ski school in the country.
  • Profitez de nombreux services tels garderie, boutiques, restaurants, bars et discothèque.
    Enjoy numerous services such as the kids daycare, shops, restaurants, bars and discotheque.
  • Station Mont Tremblant est un centre de ski idéal pour toute la famille.
    Mont Tremblant is an ideal ski area for the entire family.
  • Demain, pourquoi ne skiz-vous pas jusqu’à votre chambre.
    Tomorrow, why not ski right to your room?
  • À Tremblant, nous offrons des vacances memorables.
    At Mont Tremblant we offer a memorable vacation.
  • Le meilleur rapport qualité prix. Vous le trouvez à la station Mont Tremblant.
    The best balance between quality and price. You will find it at Mont Tremblant.

Vocabulary and grammar of interest

  • Les Laurentides. The Laurentians is a mountainous region north-west of Montreal that offers skiing and outdoor activities.
  • Bénéficier and Profiter. Both of these verbs can translate to enjoy or take advantage of. Both are followed by de + noun. Bénéficiez de l’école de ski – enjoy the ski school.
  • Pourquoi ne skiez-vous pas – In European French this should be “ne skiez pas.”
  • Rapport. This translates to connection or relation. Le meilleur rapport qualité prix – I loosely translated this to the best best balance between quality and price. The word rapport commonly appears as par rapport à – compared to.
  • Vous le trouvez. Usage of definite object. The “le” here refers back to to the best best balance between quality and price.

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