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French Covid 19 Commercial

This is a public service message from the French Ministry of Health regarding the latest do’s and don’ts relating to Covid 19. The No. 1 highlight from this video is the use of reciprocal pronominal verbs, things we do to each other. The video’s speech is easy to listen to and slow. See how much you understand!

text and translation

  • Selim et sa grand-mère sont heureux de se retourver.
    Selim and his grandmother are happy to see each other again.
  • En respectant certaines règles, ils peuvent à nouveau se voir, se parler.
    By respecting certain rules, they can see each other and speak to each other again.
  • Mais aussi rire et s’amuser ensemble.
    And also laugh and have fun together.
  • Le virus circule toujours. Quand on aime ses proches, on ne s’approche pas trop.
    This virus is still circulating. When you love your loved ones, you don’t get too close to each other.
  • Neuf personnes sur dix qui décèdent de la Covid 19 on plus de soixante-cinq ans.
    Nine people out of ten who die from Covid 19 are older than 65 years-old.
  • Pour les personnes à risque, il est recommandé de limiter au maximum les contacts.
    For people at risk, it’s recommended to limit contacts as much as possible.
  • Ensemble, restons prudents.
    Let’s stay careful together.
  • Besoin d’aide? Zéro huit-cent cent-trente zéro zéro zéro (appel gratuit).
    Need help? [Call] 0 800 130 000 (free call).
  • Pour plus d’information sur
    More information on
  • Ceci est un message de Ministère Des Solidarités et de la Santé.
    This is a message from the Ministry of Health.

grammar and vocabulary of interest

  • en respectant – this is the gerund: en + verb + ant. Means while/by + verb.
  • se voir, se parler, se retourver – these are reciprocal pronominal verbs, meaning actions done to “each other”.
  • Quand on aime – “on” here means people in general. Here’s a complete lesson on the subject pronoun on.
  • Neuf personnes sur dix – this is the French way of doing fractions, using the preposition sur. 9/10 = neuf sur dix.
  • restons – this is the imperative, “let’s stay”. Here’s a lesson the imperative.
  • besoin = need. Full lesson here.

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