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french mars ice cream bar commercial

This is a French TV commercial for frozen candy bars from 2013. The commercial features a beautiful woman sitting on the beach enjoying a frozen Mars bar with a man dressed as an angel begging her to share. The commercial makes great use of ‘ce n’est pas bien de + infinitive’, which means ‘it’s not good to + verb.’

french text and translation

  • Angel Man: C’est pas bien d’être en vacances quand on à un dossier a rendre.
    It’s not good to be on vacation when you have a file to turn in.
  • Angel Man: C’est pas bien d’être au soleil avant seize heures.
    It’s not good to be in the sun before 4.00pm.
  • Narrator: Une crème lisse et onctueuse et un caramel fondant et un enrobage craquant, le tout pour cent trente-neuf calories.
    A smooth and creamy cream, melting caramel and a crunch coating, all for 139 calories.
  • Angel Man: C’est pas bien de ne pas partager. C’est pas bien de ne pas partager !
    It’s not good to not share. (Screams) It’s not good to not share!
  • Narrator: Les bars glacés, il n’y a plus de mal à se faire plasir.
    Frozen bars, there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself.

grammar and vocabulary of interest

  • rendre – This very has lots of meanings. The most known usage is ‘rendre visite a’, to visit a person. Rendre also means to return an item to somebody as well as submit or turn it. Here’s a post on usages of rendre.
  • ce n’est pas bien – To describe that it’s not good to do something say, ‘ce n’est pas bien de + infinitive’. To describe the quality of a noun say, ‘ce n’est pas bon.
  • Il n’y a plus de mal – Expression for there’s nothing wrong with…
  • se faire plasirpronominal verb that means to treat yourself.

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