French Pedigree Dog Food Commercial

Great recent French commercial for Pedigree Dog food. This commercial is packed with lots of fun adjectives describing different dog personalities. The commercial also does a lot with the word tous (everybody or all). has a wonderful blog post explaining the word tous.

commercial text and translation

  • Tous les chiens, les frileux, les audacieux, les grands sportifs, les grands gourmands, les touts foux, les touts calmes…
    All dogs, the faint-heated, the bold, big athletes, big eaters, the crazy ones, the calm ones…
  • Tous les chiens méritent une alimentation de qualité.
    All dogs deserve quality nutrition.
  • Aujourd’hui Pedigree met la nutrition professionnelle à la portée de tous avec ses nouvelles croquettes Pedigree Vital Protection.
    Today Pedigree is putting professional nutrition within everybody’s reach with its new Pedigree Vital Protection dry food.
  • Nouveau Pedigree Vital Protection, tous les chiens méritent une nutrition professionnelle.
    New Pedigree Vital Protection, all dogs deserve professional nutrition.

vocabulary and grammar of intesret

  • Tous les chiens. This is tous les + noun, meaning all of a specific noun. Tous les garçons – all the boys, or simply all boys.
  • frileux (adj.) – translates to fearful, timid, unadventurous, timorous, faint-hearted.
  • audacieux (adj). – translates to daring, bold, audacious.
  • les grands sportifs – here grand (adj.) doesn’t mean big in its traditional sense. This is big as in “a big eater”.
  • gourmand (adj.) – translates to big eater, likes to eat a lot or greedy for food.
  • tout fou (adj.) – This means crazy but with a strong emphasis. Il est tout fou! He’s nuts!
  • mérieter (v.) – means to deserve. It’s followed by de. Nous méritons de gagner. We deserve to win.
  • alimentation (n.f.) – translates to diet, nutrition, eating and drinking, feeding, food and groceries.
  • à la portée de quelqu’un – expression meaning within somebody’s reach or grasp.
  • à la portée de tous – tous here means everybody or all (in this case, all dogs). Pronounce the -s.
  • croquettes (n.f.) – noun for dog or cat biscuit or dried dog or cat food.

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