French Play-Doh Commercial

This is a quick and fun French commercial for Play-Doh. The product is called le Coiffeur Play-Doh or Play-Doh Hairdresser. Lots of fun grammar usage here on the object pronoun en, faire + infinitive and more.

Script and translation

  • C’est l’heure du coiffuer!
    It’s time for the hairdresser!
  • Avec le Coffeur Play-Doh devient le roi des ciseaux.
    With Hairdresser Pay-Doh become the king of the scissors.
  • Courts, longs, bouclés – à toi de jouer.
    Short, long, wavy – up to you to play!
  • Tu en veux encore? Tourne la manivelle et fait repousser les cheveux.
    Want more? Turn the handle and make the hair grow again.
  • Nouveau Coiffeur Play-Doh – t’es plus malin avec tes mains!
    New Hairdresser Play-Doh – You’re smarter with your hands!

vocabulary and grammar of interest

  • C’est l’heure. It’s time. Also grammatically correct: Il est l’heure.
  • Devient – the is the imperative of devenir – to become.
  • à toi de + infinitive – up to you to + verb.
  • Tu en veux? En is a object pronoun for “some”. Tu veux de la mayonaise? -> Tu en veux? Want some?
  • fait repousser – This is faire + infinitive, making make X verb happen. Je fais réparer la voiture. I have the car repaired.
  • Malin (adj.) means smart, shrewd or clever.

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