French Scotch VHS Video Cassette Commercial

This is a vintage 80s French TV commercial for Scotch VHS video cassettes – outdated technology! The commercial suggests that the tapes are guaranteed for life and that the colors never fade. Two fun words used: enregistrement (recording) and s’altérer (to deteriorate)

Text and tranlsation

  • (Written on ad) Scotch présente la première videocassette garantie à vie.
    Scotch presents the first video cassettes guaranteed for life.
  • Vidéocassette Scotch, des couleurs de qualité incroyables.
    Scotch video cassettes, colors of incredible quality.
  • Enregistrement après enregistrement, les couleurs ne s’altèrent jamais.
    Recording after recording, the colors never deteriorate.
  • Vidéocassette Scotch, elles sont garanties à vie.
    Scotch video cassettes, they’re guaranteed for life.

Vocabulary and grammar of interest

  • garantie(noun f) translates to guarantee or warranty.
  • Enregistrement (noun m) means recording. The infinitive enregistrer means to record.
  • s’altèrer – Pronominal (also called reflexive) verb. This means to deteriorate, worsen or decline. altérer + direct object means to damage or spoil.
  • elles sont garanties – Use il/elle/ils/elles to refer back to a tangible noun for it’s or they’re. E.g., the pizza is delicous -> Elle est delicieuse. It’s delicous.

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