Lux Soap Commercial

This is a short commercial for a soap called LUX Beauté from the 1970s. The ad gives a great example of the indirect object pronoun y and uses a fun noun éclat, which translates to radiance. The key question here is: Who is the beautiful woman in the commercial?

text and translation

  • Mon visage, j’y fais très attention. J’utilise LUX.
    I pay very close attention to my face. I use LUX.
  • LUX Beauté, si doux avec la peau.
    LUX Beauty, so soft with the skin.
  • Elle retrouve tout son éclat.
    It always finds its radiance again.
  • LUX Beauté, le savon des stars.
    LUX Beauty, the soap of stars.

vocabulary and grammar of interest

  • j’y fais attention – This is faire attention à quelque chose. The y is an indirect object pronoun representing an inanimate thing or object. Complete lesson on y here.
  • le visage – translates to face. Another word for the face is la figure.
  • doux, douce – adjective for soft.
  • retrouver – verb, literally means to find again or rediscover. Rerouver quelqu’un means to meet up with somebody. As a pronominal verb se retrouver means to meet up.
  • éclat m – noun for radiance or brilliance. An unrelated by similar sounding verb éclater means to burst or explode.

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