Vittel Beverage Commercial

This is a vintage French TV commercial from the 1980s for sparkling water Vittel brand flavored drinks. The commercial is aimed at kids who claim that they’re having their growth spurts and therefore need this beverage. The commercial has lots of fun French slang!

Text from the commercial with translation

  • Boy: Maman, faut qu’on parle!
    Mom, we need to talk!
  • Boy with man’s voice: Mon corps est en pleine croissance. Il me faut de l’eau. De l’eau!
    My body is growing fast. I need water!
  • Narrator: Hahaha! P’tit Vittel.
    Hahaha! Little Vittel.
  • Kids doing high-five: Ouais! P’tit Vittel!
    Yeah! Little Vittel!
  • Narrator: P’tit Vittel. Y’a qu’ta mère pour croire que c’est de l’eau.
    Little Water. Only your mom will believe it’s water.

Four juice boxes appear just before the end of the commercial in four flavors each preceded by the word goût (taste): menthe (mint), fraise (strawberry), citron (lemon), grenadine (pomegranate).

  • Girl: Maman, faut qu’on parle!
    Mom, we need to talk!

Vocabulary and phrases of interest

  • faut qu’on + infinitive: This is shortened slang for il faut qu’on + infinitive, meaning we need to or we have to. Il faut means it’s necessary and has lots of uses in French.
  • être en pleine croissance: Literally to be in full growth. Plein (adj.) means full. Être en pleine can be followed by other nouns. Être en pleine forme means to be in great shape.
  • P’tit: This is a shorted or slang version of petit (little). P’tit déj is slang for petit déjeuner (breakfast).
  • Y’a qu’ta mère: Y’a que – this is shorted slang for Il n’y a que – there is only, or simply, only. Y’a que moi qui apprécie la traduction de ces pubs! I’m the only who appreciates the translation of these commercials!

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