Saying The Year Wrong

saying-the-date-wrong4One of the most common mistakes I’ve heard students make in my online French lessons is saying the year wrong. This is because in French you must say the word “cent” for hundred. For the 2000s it’s easy. You simply say “deux mille” (2000) plus the year. For example: 2016 is “deux mille seize” and 2005 is “deux mille cinq”.


Examples of the right and wrong ways to say the year in French


  • RIGHT: Mille neuf cent soixante-quatre
  • RIGHT: Dix-neuf cent soixante-quatre
  • WRONG: Mille neuf soixante-quatre


  • RIGHT: Mille neuf cent quatre-vingt dix
  • WRONG: Mille neuf quatre-vingt-dix


  • RIGHT: Mille neuf cent quarante-deux
  • WRONG: Mille neuf quarante-deux


  • RIGHT: Mille neuf cent quatre-vingt-cinq
  • WRONG: Mille neuf quatre-vingt-cinq
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