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Thank you for signing up for my free French Pronunciation Crash Course! As I mentioned, French pronunciation is one of the hardest aspects to learning French. If you’re able to start saying the words correctly from the very beginning you’ll be off to a great start!

To begin, download a PDF file of my free e-book by hovering your mouse over the following image and selecting “Save Link As”.

Here are links to your 12 video lessons. Click on each link to open the page to the lesson.

1. “An” and “On” Sounds

2. French “a” sound

3. French “u” versus “ou”

4. La Liaison

5. French “ll” sound

6. French “eu” sound

7. French “oi” sound

8. French “in”/”ain” sound

9. French “s” versus ”ss” sound

10. French “qu” sound

11. French “gn” sound

12. French “en” sound


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