Top 10 French Expressions With Coup

Top-10 French Expressions Using The Word “Coup”

The French word “coup” has a litteral meaning of hit, blow or strike. It is an extremely versatile word and is used in countless expressions. In this brief lesson we’ll look at the top-ten French expressions using the word coup with example sentences.

1 . Ça vaut le coup = it’s worth it, worthwhile, worth the trouble
On achète la nouvelle voiture? Oui, ça vaut le coup!
Shall we buy the new car? Yes, it’s worth it!

2. Boire un coup = to have a drink
On boit un coup ensemble après le travail ce soir?
Shall we have a drink together after work tonight?

3. Jeter un coup d’œil = to look, glance, peep
Je jette un coup d’œil, c’est tout.
I’m just looking.

4. Coup de foudre = Love at first sight, literally a lightning strike
Quand j’ai connu ta mère, ça a été le coup de foudre!
When I met your mom it was love at first sight!

5. Donner un coup de fil à quelqu’un = to call somebody
Je te donne un coup de fil ce soir, d’accord?
I’ll call you tonight, okay?

6. Donner un coup de main à quelqu’un = to help somebody out, give a hand
Donne-moi un coup de main, s’il te plaît.
Give me a hand, please.

7. Attraper un coup de soleil = to get a sunburn
Je passe trop de temps à la plage et j’attrape un coup de soleil.
I’m spending too much time at the beach and I’m getting a sunburn.

8. Tout d’un coup = all of a sudden
Tout d’un coup, je me sentais très fatigué.
All of a sudden I felt very tired.

9. Un coup de feu = gunshot
Soudainement, j’ai entendu un coup de feu.
Suddenly I heard a gunshot.

10. Un coup de pouce = a helping hand
Je donne un coup de pouce à mon oncle dans la maison.
I give my uncle a helping hand in the house.

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