French Introductions – How To Introduce Yourself In French

Video source: FrenchPod101

In the above video lesson we learn how to introduce yourself in French. The key and more important thing to understand first is that in French there are two ways of introducing yourself: Formal and Informal.

This means that you have to make slight changes to the words you use depending on the age of the person you’re meeting for the first time and how close you might feel to them.

In the lesson below Ingrid will teach you how to introduce herself.

Informal introduction

  • Salut, je m’appelle Ingrid. Enchantée de te rencontrer.
    Hi, my name is Ingrid. Nice to meet you.

Formal introduction

  • Bonjour. Je m’appelle Ingrid. Je suis enchantée de vous rencontrer.
    Good morning (or hello). I am Ingrid. Nice to meet you.

Can you see the main differences? We’ve highlighted them in red. Firstly, please notice the difference between “Salut” and “Bonjour“. Salut means the informal, “hi” while “bonjour” means good morning or hello.

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Secondly, the “te” is a particle used to describe “to you” in an informal situation while “vous” is used for formal situations.

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