Boire (To Drink) Present Tense Conjugation & Practice Sentences

Boire ConjugationOn this page we’ll have a look at the French verb boire, which means ‘to drink’. Frist we’ll look at the verb in the present tense, then we’ll have a look at some sample sentences.

Please note that the French also use the verb, “prendre”, or “to take” for describing the action of drinking. Find more on prendre here.

present tense conjugation

  • je bois – I drink
  • tu bois – You drink
  • il, elle boit – he, she drinks
  • nous buvons – we drink
  • vous buvez – you drink
  • ils, elles boivent – they drink

example sentences

  • Je ne bois pas.
    I do not drink.
  • Qu’est-ce que tu veux boire?
    What do you want to drink?
  • Elle boit du Coca-Cola.
    She drinks Coca-Cola.
  • Quand il était petit il buvait du lait.
    He used to drink milk when he was little.
  • Je boirais de l’eau mais je n’ai pas soir.
    I would drink some water but I’m not thirsty.
  • Hier j’ai bu du jus de pomme.
    Yesterday I drank apple juice.
  • Je veux que tu boives plus d’eau pendant la journée.
    I want you to drink more water during the day.
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