Garder (To Keep): Meaning, Usage, Example Sentences

garderThe main meaning of the verb garder is to keep. On this page you’ll learn the various meanings of the verb with several example sentences.

to keep

The most common usage of garder is to keep.

par example:

  • Je garde toujours du lait dans le frigo. I always keep milk in the fridge.
  • Je garde toujours l’espoir. I always keep hope.

to save, reserve

This usage equates to save or reserve.

par example:

  • Je vais arriver en retard. Peux-tu garder une place pour moi?
    I’m going to be late. Can you keep a save a spot for me.

to look after.

  • L’institutrice garde tous les jeunes enfants. The teacher looks after all the young kids.

to look after

The noun “gardien” translates to a caretake as in the caretaker of a piece of property.

  • Le gardien garde bien la maison pendant les vacances. The caretaker does a good job taking care of the house during vacation.

to protect

  • Les soldats gardent la base militaire. The soldiers protect the military base.

se garder – is kept for

Se garder translates loosely to “is kept for” or lasts for, applying to a product that can rot or go bad.

par example:

  • La viande hachée ne se garde qu’une semaine au frigo. Ground beef only lasts for one week in the refrigerator.

se garder de faire qch – to hold back from

Se garder de faire qch translates to hold back from or refrain from.

par example:

  • Je me garde de faire des commentaires politiques. I hold back from making political remarks.

sauveguarder – to save (computer file)

One verb that’s interestingly related to guarder is sauveguarder, which means to save or back up a computer file. This verb is a combination of sauver (to save) and guarer.

  • Je sauveguarde mes fichiers sur un disque dur externe. I save my files on an external hard drive.

common nouns

There are lots of common nouns that are related to garder.

par example:

  • un garde-robe closet (wardrobe)
  • un garde-manger pantry
  • une gardienne d’enfants babysitter
  • un gardien de but goalie
  • un/une gardien(ne) guardian
  • un garant guarantor
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