Regular ER Verbs

verbes réguliers avec ER

French Regular ER VerbsFrench has three groups of regular verbs. What makes a verb regular is that all of the verb endings follow the same patterns in the present tense. The three groups are based on the last letter of the infinitive. In this case it’s ER. The endings in the present tense are -e, -es, -e, -ons, -ez and -ent.

parler – example verb in six main tenses

j'aime I love
tu aimes you love
il aime he loves
nous aimons we love
vous aimez you love
ils aiment they love
j'ai aimé I loved
tu as aimé you loved
il a aimé he loved
nous avons aimé we loved
vous avez aimé they loved
ils ont aimé they love
j'aimais I used to love
tu aimais you used to love
il aimait he used to love
nous aimions we used to love
vous aimiez you used to love
ils aimaient they used to love
j'aimerais I would love
tu aimerais you would love
il aimerait he would love
nous aimerions we would love
vous aimeriez you would love
ils aimeraient they would love
j'aimerai I will love
tu aimeras you will love
il aimera he will love
nous aimerons we will love
vous aimerez you will love
ils aimeront they will love
que j'aime that I love
que tu aimes that you love
qu'il aime that he love
que nous aimions that we love
que vous aimiez that you love
qu'ils aiment that they love

complete list of ER verbs

to acceptaccepter
to accompanyaccompagner
to accompany, escort, go withaccompagner
to accuseaccuser
to achieve, reachachever
to addajouter
to admireadmirer
to advance, move forwardavancer
to agree to, grantaccorder
to announceannoncer
to annoyagacer
to appreciateapprécier
to approachapprocher
to approve ofapprouver
to armarmer
to arrivearrriver
to askdemander
to assureassurer
to attackattaquer
to attendassister
to attractattirer
to bear, standsupporter
to borrowemprunter
to breakcasser
to bringapporter
to bring to life (social gathering)animer
to bring up to dateactualiser
to burnbrûler
to carry, wearporter
to catchattraper
to causecauser
to changechanger
to chatbavarder
to cheer, applaudacclamer
to click (on a computer)cliquer
to closefermer
to continuecontinuer
to convert (a room, etc.)aménager
to copycopier
to count, intend tocompter
to createcréer
to crosstraverser
to crypleurer
to cutcouper
to dancedanser
to decidedécider
to delte (file on PC)supprimer
to discussdiscuter
to drawdessiner
to dreamrêver
to editéditer
to enter, come inentrer
to existexister
to explainexpliquer
to exportexporter
to expressexprimer
to findtrouver
to fly, stealvoler
to forgetoublier
to formatformater
to foundfonder
to givedonner
to greetsaluer
to guessdeviner
to hang upaccrocher
to hatedétester
to have diner, dinedîner
to have lunchdéjeuner
to helpaider
to hesitatehésiter
to hidecacher
to importimporter
to increaseaugmenter
to inspect (ship, boat)arraisonner
to installinstaller
to insure, guaranteeassurer
to inviteinviter
to judgejuger
to keekgarder
to killtuer
to kiss, embraceembrasser
to knock, hit, strikefrapper
to leavequitter
to leave, letlaisser
to lendprêter
to light up, turn onallumer
to like, loveaimer
to listen toécouter
to livehabiter
to look forchercher
to love, adoreadorer
to meet (by chance)rencontrer
to mislead, cheattromper
to miss, lackmanquer
to move, drive (slang)rouler
to organizeorganiser
to pass, spend (time)passer
to pate (on a computer)coller
to photocopyphotocopier
to place, putplacer
to playjouer
to post, diplayafficher
to practicepratiquer
to pray, begprier
to preparepréparer
to presentprésenter
to printimprimer
to pull outarracher
to pull, drawtirer
to pushpousser
to put, place, ask (a question)poser
to refuserefuser
to resemble, look likeressembler
to return, flip (omelette, crepe)retourner
to return, go/come backrentrer
to risk, chance, ventureaventurer
to savesauver
to save (file on PC)souvegarder
to screamcrier
to seemsembler
to send an SMStexter
to send, addressadresser
to shinebriller
to singchanter
to slip, slideglisser
to speakparler
to spend (money)dépenser
to startcommencer
to stoparrêter
to studyétudier
to surf the Internetsurfer
to take way, carry outemporter
to take, fill up (time)occuper
to teachenseigner
to telephone, calltéléphoner
to tell (story, joke, lie)raconter
to thankremercier
to thinkpenser
to turntourner
to walk, work (operate)marcher
to washlaver
to watch, look atregarder
to win, earngagner
to worktravailler
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