Regular IR Verbs

verbes du deuxième groupe

French Regular IR VerbsThe second group of regular verbs in French are the IR verbs, which have the following endings: -is, -is, -it, -issons, -issez and -issent. When pronouncing the verbs in the present tense be sure to pronounce all the way to the iss in the ils/elles form.

finir – example verb in six main tenses

je finis I finish
tu finis you finish
il finit he finishes
nous finissons we finish
vous finissez you finish
ils finissent they finish
j'ai fini I finished
tu as fini you finished
il a fini he finished
nous avons fini we finished
vous avez fini you finished
ils ont fini they finished
je finissais I used to finish
tu finissais you used to finish
il finissait he used to finish
nous finissions we used to finish
vous finissiez you used to finish
ils finissaient they used to finish
je finirais I would finish
tu finirais you would finish
il finirait he would finish
nous finirions we would finish
vous finiriez you would finish
ils finiraient they would finish
je finirai I will finish
tu finiras you will finish
il finira he will finish
nous finirons we will finish
vous finirez you will finish
ils finiront they will finish
que je finisse that I finish
que tu finisses that you finish
qu'il finisse that he finish
que nous finissions that we finish
que vous finissiez that you finish
qu'ils finissent that they finish

complete list of IR verbs

aplatirto flatten
abolirto abolish
adoucirto soften
acceuillirto welcome
accomplirto accomplish
affaiblirto weaken
agirto act
agrandirto enlarge
applaudirto applaud
atterirto land
avertirto warn
bâtirto build
bénirto bless
blanchirto whiten
choisirto choose
convertirto convert
définirto define
désobéirto disobey
éclaircirto lighten, clear
embellirto make beautiful
enrichirto make rich
envahirto invade
établirto establish
étourdirto stun, daze
finirto finish
franchirto overcome, break through
gémirto moan
grandirto grow up
grossirto gain weight
guérirto heal
investirto invest
maigrirto lose weight
mincirto get thin
mûrirto ripen
nourrirto feed, nourish
obéirto obey
pâlirto turn pale
périrto perish
punirto punish
rafraîchirto refresh
ralentirto slow down
réfléchirto think, reflect
remplirto fill
réunirto bring together
réussirto succeed
rôtirto roast
rougirto blush
salirto make dirty
vieillirto grow old

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