To Sit in French – S’asseoir

To Sit in French – S’asseoir

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In this lesson you will learn how to say “to sit” (s’asseoir) in French. I’ll also teach you how to say “sit down”. Please watch this video tutorial first then read through the explanations below. What makes this verb a bit challenging is that 1) It’s a reflexive verb and 2) It has two pronunciations. Based on my experience of over 20 years of speaking with French people on a daily basis I’ve noticed that both pronunciations are used. In fact, I use both pronunciations myself!


je me assieds / ois
tu te assieds / ois
il/elle/on se assied / oit
nous nous asseyons / oyons
vous vous asseyez / oyez
ils/elles se asseyent / oient

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