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How To Master & Use French Verbs Followed By “De”

How To Master & Use French Verbs Followed By “De”

How to master and use French verbs followed by “de”

One of the more difficult aspects to learning French is trying to remember which verbs are followed by the preposition à and which ones are followed by the preposition de. Rather than trying to memorize all of the verbs followed by de, here’s a list of the top-10 most commonly used verbs with sample phrases.

Top-10 verbs followed by de

1) Essayer De – To Try

  • J’essaye de faire mon mieux. I try to do my best.

2) Arrêter De – To Stop

  • J’arrête de fumer. I stop smoking.

3) Oublier De – To Forget

  • J’oublie de faire la vaisselle. I forget to do the dishes.

4) Refuser De – To Refuse

  • Je refuse de travailler le week-end. I refuse to work on weekends.

5) Regretter De – To Regret

  • Je regrette de vous informer. I regret to inform you.

6) S’excuser De – To Apologize For

  • Je m’excuse de vous déranger. I’m sorry for bothering you.

7) Faire Semblant De – To Pretend To

  • Je fais semblant de sourire. I pretend to smile.

8) Choisir De – To Choose

  • Je choisis de rester ici. I choose to stay here.

9) Demander De – To Ask

  • Je te demande de me pardonner. I’m asking you to forgive me.

10) Éviter De – To Avoid

  • J’évite de manger trop de bonbons. I avoid eating too much candy.

Verb list: French verbs followed by de

  • accepter de to agree to
  • avoir l’intention de to intend to
  • avoir peur de to be afraid to
  • avoir raison de to be right to
  • avoir tort de to be wrong to
  • brûler de dying to, really want to
  • cesser de to stop
  • choisir de to choose to
  • conseiller de to advise
  • convaincre de to convince
  • craindre de to fear
  • décider de decide to
  • défendre de to forbid
  • demander de to ask to
  • entreprendre de to undertake to
  • envisager de to contemplate
  • essayer de to try to
  • éviter de to avoid
  • faire semblant de to pretend to
  • feindre de to pretend to, feign
  • finir de to finish
  • interdire de to forbid to
  • mériter de to deserve to
  • offrir de to offer to
  • oublier de to forget to
  • parler de to talk about
  • permettre de to allow, permit
  • persuader de to persuade to
  • projeter de to plan to/on
  • promettre de to promise to
  • refuser de to refuse to
  • regretter de to regret
  • remercier de to thank
  • reprocher de to reproach for
  • résourdre de to resolve to
  • risquer de to run the risk of
  • s’abstentir de to refrain from
  • s’arrêter de to stop
  • s’empêcher de to refrain from
  • s’empresser de to rush to, hurry
  • s’enfforcer de to try hard to
  • s’étonner de to marvel at
  • s’excuser de to apologize for
  • se charger de to make sure to, see to it
  • se contenter de be satisfied with
  • se dépêcher de to hurry to
  • se flatter de pride yourself on, be proud of
  • se plaindre de to complain about
  • se proposer de offer to do something
  • se rappeler de to recall to
  • se souvenir de to remember to
  • soupconner de to suspect of
  • tâcher de to try to

Example sentences

The following is a list of example sentences using verbs followed by the preposition “de”.

  • J’évite de faire la meme bêtise deux foix. I avoid making the same mistake two times.
  • Elle n’arrête pas de parler. She doesn’t stop talking.
  • Il cesse de pleuvoir. It stops raining.
  • Je me souviens de payer mon loyer. I remember to pay my rent. 
  • Il refuse de partir. He refuses to leave.
  • J’ai besoin de boire du café. I need to drink coffee.
  • Je décide de faire du ski. I decide to go skiing.
  • J’essaye d’être plus sympa avec les gens. I try to be nicer to people.
  • J’évite de conduire trop vite. I avoid driving too fast. 
  • Je choisis de atteindre mes objectifs. I choose to reach my goals.
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